Tess for Pets Animal Reiki serves all kinds of animals, including people.
How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!   —George Elliston


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She definitely has more strength at times now…. Before I could get to her I saw her get herself up! In the last week or so she greets me standing up…. Today [client’s dogs] had raw bones on the front porch in the sun.  After a while, [client’s dog] barked and sounded like she needed to be picked up.  Well, she had taken herself down the stairs (which she never does anymore without help) and wanted help getting back up them! (She hasn’t walked up them on her own in over a year.) So she has been doing little things like that that totally surprise me. Also what is pretty remarkable is that her butt muscles seem to be growing back. It’s started to fill in and look rounded again! She was even wagging her tail a little bit the other night and I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve seen that. She still has her struggles but seems happier and has pep in her step again. We have been off her pain medication for over a week now, too!…. She seems super comfortable right now and I’m no longer in grief mode. Also, when I find her down I took your advice and give her nothing but sweet happy energy and not worry and doom.  I think that’s made a difference as well…. Thank you again for all of your great help and beautiful insights, Pam. It’s really been beneficial for all of us.

Herbalist, Washington

Emerging from a nap. The procedure, including prep, took an hour. [Normally takes 2-2 1/2 hours.] I did not feel anything. Eye a bit scratchy but can already see better than before. Colors are so vivid! Thank you!

Small Business Consultant, New Mexico

I wanted to watch (client’s dog’s name)  for a day or two to see how she responded. Amazing! I want to book three more sessions.

Homemaker, Washington

That was the best healing session I’ve had with anyone in a long time. The Universe!! So grateful to have met you. Thanks again so much for the session and your inspiration, Pam. Wise sage.. I’m looking forward to connecting again soon.

Health Food Entrepreneur, Washington

For all my pet lovers… I met this amazing woman today. I felt thirty pounds lighter after she spent time with (client’s dog’s name), (client’s other dog’s name) and I. Thirty pounds! That’s saying something. Thank you, Pam!!

Medical Secretary, Washington

Thanks for the Reiki session. I’m happy to know you!

(Client’s cat’s name) and I were together during the session. I could probably tell you the minute it kicked in because (client’s cat’s name) looked up into the air and seemed to greet the energy. For the first 12 minutes or so, she was bathing in it. Interestingly, I could see waves of energy in my soft gaze — I’m usually more of a feeler than a seer — and I stayed with the shimmering for quite a while. At about minute 12, she got up to go to the kitchen to eat, which she tends to do after we’ve snuggled awhile… Then she came back and gave me an abdominal massage and we took a nap. :)

Actress and Playwright, California

Oh my — this gal knows how to ‘get at one’ with animals! Quite the healer!

Behavior Modification Consultant, Idaho

Four days after the vomiting he still wasn’t eating a thing. You can imagine how worried I was when they said his white blood cell count was raised — that could mean cancer coming back. But hallelujah! At the time you were giving him Reiki I could tell he was feeling more comfortable, and immediately after the session he went straight to his food and licked it. The next day, immediately after the follow-up Reiki, again, he went straight to his food dish. This time he ate all that was there, nonstop. It was smooth sailing from then on and he’s now full of more pep than he’s had in a while. When the vet called to check on progress, they were thrilled to learn he’d recovered so quickly. And no need for more tests! The expense you saved me is one thing, but seeing him so bright-eyed and happy again is even better.

Program Manager, Washington

I consider it a blessing from the universe that I crossed paths with Pam at Tess for Pets.  My beloved cat was about to have surgery for a leg amputation and I was riddled with anxiety and uncertainty.  A distance treatment plan was established and I felt an immediate sense of comfort and relief.  Your detailed emails after each treatment session reaffirmed my trust in your gift that had an immediate and noticeable effect on my cat.  I am so happy to report he exceeded all expectations and is doing great as a tripawd.  The entire staff at my vet clinic is equally impressed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Senior Executive Assistant, Washington

So grateful for your Reiki help with (client’s dog’s name) ! And I’ve been doing the affirmations you suggested each night starting about 30 minutes before bedtime. She settles down so much quicker, I have been reluctant to say anything lest I jinx it. Silly, huh? I know you have been sending Reiki as well, and it feels so good knowing that.

RN, Washington

“Thank you for everything and for your kindness to me and my critters. You are a treasure!!”

Account Manager, Washington

Client: A quick note; my friend’s daughter that I had you do Reiki for—she was in intensive care for almost a month, but they managed to keep her alive until they got some procedures to work. She is home now, and although she has a long road to recovery, she is alive. The doctors and nurses were surprised at her radical turnaround one day, and three days later she was discharged. Thanks for your help.

TFP: So glad to hear she made it through the worst and is progressing. I had a very distinct vision when sending Reiki her way (which I don’t always necessarily get). I had a sense that she was in the grip of something gravely intense, so significant power was called for. Just as that thought came to mind, the vision came in a flash (always telling when it’s that immediate). I was looking down (in mind’s eye) on the U.S. from way above and a golden telescoping beam zapped from my chest (like how old fashioned car antennas expand out) to the point on the earth’s surface where she would be, in Houston. It was like a lightning bolt in terms of speed and magnitude. I thought, “Wow, that’s interesting.” I sent three successive days of sessions her way, with that happening somewhere in the midst.

Client: Yes, my friend’s daughter was truly on death’s doorstep. They didn’t think she was going to live. Neither did I, but I wasn’t about to tell my friend that. She was a basket case. About the time you were sending Reiki, [the friend’s daughter] was suffocating to death. She had massive fluid buildup in her abdomen that was pressing on her diaphragm and preventing her lungs from working properly. They said she had the worst case of pancreatitis they had ever seen. On top of that she got MRSA and pneumonia. She was on 100% oxygen and didn’t even have the strength to talk. They had to culture her sputum to make an antibiotic. Very scary time. So what you did was probably the reason she lived, along with their desperate attempts to keep her alive until they could figure something out.

U.S.P.S. Worker, Illinois

You’re very intuitive, and you’re very open. And you have a knowing. You have the awareness. You know that it [telepathic energy exchange] is happening.

World-known Animal Communicator, Texas

I love your energy. You are just a delightful person and you have wonderful energy. I see you as an empath, as someone who has the gift of clairsentience, and claircognizance. You’re very highly intuitive in terms of picking up energy through feeling. And you really understand how you intuit information and how to handle it. You’re a beautiful combination of both being grounded and very intuitive. You seem just so awake and aware. You see the big picture; you can see it for what it is. You bring about a healing by listening, by helping others see the big picture. Your heart is so big.

World-known Energy Medium, Washington

Dear lady, your kind and loving words brought tears. Your compassion unexpectedly caused me to disarm some sense of bravery that’s been getting me through these past months. Your words reached deep and made me honor my grief. They also allowed me to pause for a moment, and acknowledge how deeply the reality of current world conflict is hitting me. Thanks for being such a friend.

Author, NYC

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