Reiki style often varies to best meet need and circumstance.

The Session


Animals are naturally open and receptive to Reiki healing energy. It’s important to respect that sensitivity by receiving the animal’s “OK” before proceeding. Even though there is not any way that Reiki can do harm, an intention is held to offer only as much energy as the animal is open to receive.


Reiki is often given to humans through hands-on contact, or with hands in close proximity. This is true with animals only if they invite or initiate it. More often, animals receive Reiki most effectively from a short distance away, or even over a great distance in the case of distant Reiki. They will move about or settle, as they like. In any case, the animal is in control of what s/he receives and is always thanked for their participation.


The Reiki process employs meditation as a means to focus and strengthen the intent of healing. This not only amplifies the Reiki energy a practitioner has to offer, but also revitalizes the animals’ own energy. After the animal is met in person, or its energy is connected with over distance, the practitioner sits quietly and uses breath techniques to become well grounded. Intention is set from this place, grounded in peace.


Traditional Reiki symbols, sounds, and hand positions are held in the mind and heart during meditation. This promotes a deep level of stress relief, bringing a relaxation response that allows the flow of energy toward highest optimal balance. An animal may be restless for some time during the session, then settle, yawn, or even fall asleep. Each animal reacts in its own way.


Dramatic positive shifts in healing can occur almost immediately. Commonly, shifts will be noticed within the next 24-48 hours. Possible discomfort reactions reveal that particularly stagnant energy has been catalyzed and is now beginning to move toward balance. This is a positive sign.

The results of Reiki are cumulative. Chronic or severe conditions will benefit best from a period of regular ongoing treatments. Regularly scheduled sessions will also keep good health well maintained.

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