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Focusing on the energy that connects all of us, humans and animals can work together to heal one another on a deep level that helps heal the planet.
—Susan B. Eirich, founder of Earthfire Institute

How Reiki Works

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The Short Answer

Reiki expands and energizes the capacity for healing. Simply put, Reiki catalyzes the body’s energy so that it may come to optimal balance for optimal healing and optimal ongoing health.

Healing can be more thorough and more rapid with Reiki. In this way, Reiki effectively complements both conventional and alternative therapies.

Reiki is just as effective over distance, or more so, as it is in person. This is due to the property of quantum entanglement of energy.

Neurons in the brain passing energy over dendrites and synapses.

A Closer Look

Weak life source energy invites illness. A most-direct way to heal is by accessing illness at the energy level. Reiki works by healing being communicated over interconnected energy pathways on a fundamental level—from neuron to neuron, cell to cell. Natural pathways of life source energy surround, encompass, and connect all things. For this reason, healing energy can be communicated over distance.

Illustration of quantum entanglement showing two hearts connected.Life source energy is always in motion, even in more stagnant areas. This energy heals as it flows and the greater the flow the more enhanced the healing. This flow heals by restoring ultimate balance of energy to overall health at its most fundamental levels—cellular and energetic.

The body’s focus is on survival. Reiki life source energy will always flow naturally to the root of the problem—whether that problem is accurately known or not—just as water flows naturally to its level place. When freed to do so, energy naturally repositions into a state of optimal balance.

The key energy centers at play in Reiki.

The key energy centers at play in Reiki.

Reiki is in no way a process involving manipulation or control, but one of letting go and facilitating the recipient’s own natural ability to heal. The Reiki practitioner uses meditation techniques with clear and focused intent to align with and activate the inherent life source energy of the recipient. Once aligned with a recipient’s energy flow, the practitioner can facilitate a clear and energized conduit for that flow to release from stagnation and reposition toward its own unique balance of optimal health.

Life source energy flows in response to need, not want. It may affect things not expected or specifically requested in order for the whole body to be most well. By nature, there are no circumstances or conditions possible for Reiki to do harm. Reiki—life source energy—can only flow toward highest optimal balance, highest good.

Non-human animals have an instinctive awareness of their ability to heal from within. For humans, once awareness is placed on the healing ability of one’s own body, that ability is strengthened. Truly amazing healing has been reported, when life source energy is allowed to come to balance.

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