Lounging dog and cat.


Animal Art

Robin Joy Andreae – Exquisite little needle-felted critters.
Bryant Austin – Full-body whale photographs.
Glass Bird Studios – Beautiful ceramic feathers.
Guido Daniele – “Handimal” portraits on human hands.
Hiroko Kubota – Stunning embroidery of cats emerging from pockets on shirts.
Rob MacInnis – Family style portraits of farm animals.
Jane Rosen – Drawings and sculptures of raptors and other animals.
Johan Scherft – Papercraft birds and other creatures.
Elena Shumilova – Stunning photographs of children with animals.

Animal Care   (top)

The Cat Ball, a novel cat nest.
Cat caves and dog sweaters by Walking Palm.
GooFurr, an effective and safe way to pill your animal companion.
Holistic Pet Care Products from Halo.
Medicine Buddha Chant for Animals and Their People, by Kathleen Prasad.
Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs and Cats (Eliminate the cone!)

Animal Tech   (top)

Apps for animal lovers.
Tech gadgets that support your pet’s health and safety.
Trackers and GPS collars for dogs, cats and more.

Animal Toys   (top)

Catnip Easter eggs.
Cat toys at LaLa Forest.
Cat toys from Petlinks.
Motion mouse toy from Petlinks.
The Snuffle Mat for dogs.

Compassion & Empathy   (top)

Animal Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson.
Art for the Soul, by Deb Kaufman.
Pet Prayer Flags.

People Fun   (top)

Handmade creatures from Auggie Froggie (“Cool Stuff for Creative Kids”).
Personalized jewelry and unique gifts from kids’ art, by Tasarim Takarim
Wonderful cards and other things from Hooray for the Underdog.