A Tesstimonial Story

Brain neurons firing like lightning, pathway of Reiki energy.

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Client: A quick note; my friend’s daughter that I had you do Reiki for—she was in intensive care for almost a month, but they managed to keep her alive until they got some procedures to work. She is home now, and although she has a long road to recovery, she is alive. The doctors and nurses were surprised at her radical turnaround one day, and three days later she was discharged. Thanks for your help.

TFP: So glad to hear she made it through the worst and is progressing. I had a very distinct vision when sending Reiki her way (which I don’t always necessarily get). I had a sense that she was in the grip of something gravely intense, so significant power was called for. Just as that thought came to mind, the vision came in a flash (always telling when it’s that immediate). I was looking down (in mind’s eye) on the U.S. from way above and a golden telescoping beam zapped from my chest (like how old fashioned car antennas expand out) to the point on the earth’s surface where she would be, in Houston. It was like a lightning bolt in terms of speed and magnitude. I thought, “Wow, that’s interesting.” I sent three successive days of sessions her way, with that happening somewhere in the midst.

Client: Yes, my friend’s daughter was truly on death’s doorstep. They didn’t think she was going to live. Neither did I, but I wasn’t about to tell my friend that. She was a basket case. About the time you were sending Reiki, [the friend’s daughter] was suffocating to death. She had massive fluid buildup in her abdomen that was pressing on her diaphragm and preventing her lungs from working properly. They said she had the worst case of pancreatitis they had ever seen. On top of that she got MRSA and pneumonia. She was on 100% oxygen and didn’t even have the strength to talk. They had to culture her sputum to make an antibiotic. Very scary time. So what you did was probably the reason she lived, along with their desperate attempts to keep her alive until they could figure something out.

–U.S.P.S. worker, Illinois

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